Services Three

If we cannot fix the compactor within 24 hours we will provide an open top free of charge until the problem goes away.  Disposal will not be included but transportation is covered until we deliver your compactor back repaired by our service team.

Our goals are to work with your business profile and match you up with equipment that will perform, last, and save money each month by outperforming the competition using quality workmanship from Cram a Lot Manufacturing out of Springdale, AR.  We are not a trash or recycle company that provides hauls to the landfill and recycle center but a specialized equipment provider allowing our customers to own, rent, or lease to own the equipment best suited for your waste/recycle stream making us stand apart from the competition because of quality and reduced pickups.

Services Two

Compactors are expensive and break down just like anything else that has moving parts.  Our team will be your support and downtime will be 98% uptime.  This is our rental guarantee that is running at 98% uptime all year around 365 days out the year.  One phone call and service is dispatched.

Equipment that will work in any industry and will be customized to your expectations.  JDD has options such as monitors to read amperages on compactor fullness and odor control systems that are proven in our hot climates just ask for details........

Service and Warranty


Your equipment will either be under a manufacture warranty or if you choose to rent our compactors on a term the maintenance and installation is covered throughout the life of the agreement.

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